HaRIS empowered management with the tools to manage the employment using information technology in cost effective way. The system provides instant access to personnel information, attendance records, and salary components. It’s built on web-based technology where organization could have the advantage of easy to access and maintenance.

As management or HR department personnel, HaRIS eliminates multiple copies of employee information, no more manual salary calculation, only few mouse-clicks to generate reports.

HaRIS allows your frontline supervisors and department managers to gain access their sub-ordinates information:

  • Staff profiles
  • Birthdays
  • Update and monitor attendance
  • Approve staffs application requests
  • Apply for training for the staffs

As part of HaRIS, the ESS (Employee Self-Service) module, there are electronic forms that your employees are enable to fill-in such as:

  • Employee Profile Update
  • Absence Form
  • Leave Form
  • Business Trip Form
  • Medical Claim
  • Personal Loan
  • Overtime Application Form
  • Attendance Check-Log (Mobile App Only)

And they also allow finding information like:

  • How many leave do I have?
  • How my attendance performance?
  • How the company calculates my last salary?

HaRIS is easily be integrated with attendance machine and let the system calculates attendance records and payroll calculation.

Key Features



  • Working Calendar
  • General Setting
  • Organizational Chart
  • Master Position
  • Master Functional
  • Master Salary Grade
  • Master Position Level
  • Master Family Status
  • Master Education Grade
  • Master Religion
  • Master Attendance Status
  • Master Employee


  • Form Employee Changes
  • Form Warning Letter
  • Employee Career History
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Work Accident
  • Medical Type
  • Medical Platform
  • Medical Claim
  • Medical Report
  • Training Schedule
  • Training Member


  • Employee Profile Update Form
  • Overtime Request Form
  • Leave Request Form
  • Business Trip Request Form
  • Personal Loan Request Form


  • Attendance Import
  • Attendance Data Entry
  • Attendance List
  • Attendance Report
  • Integration to Attendance Device
    (Fingerprint, Handkey, etc.)
  • Absence Entry
  • Leave Entry
  • Absence Type
  • Overtime Plan Entry
  • Overtime Actual Entry
  • Overtime Report
  • Shift Type
  • Shift Schedule


  • Employee Loan
  • Employee Salary
  • Master Allowance
  • Master Deduction
  • Master Salary Component
  • Attendance Calculation
  • Overtime Calculation
  • PPh 21 Calculation
  • Form 1721
  • Jamsostek Calculation
  • Salary Calculation
  • Salary Slip
  • Salary Report
  • PPh 21 Report
  • Jamsostek Report

Screen Shot


HR Management begins here.

Employee Information

A complete employee profile including personal data, family data, educational background, training histories, working experiences, and career history.

Organization Structure

Configuration about organization relates to approval management.

Working Hour Settings

Flexible working hour to fit as many as working hour scheme in your organization.

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